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Ulucanlar Cezaevi Müzesi


Ulucanlar Prison, the first prison of Republic of Turkey built in 1925, in future what kind of suffering, solitude, desperation to witness, who to be host did not known of course… Ulucanlar Prison, closed in

2006, transferred to Altındağ Municipality for restoration in 2009, opened its doors with a whole different identity in 15 June 2011. Witnessed to killings and sentenced rebellions for a 81 years remains open, Turkish politic and literal life’s substantial people stayed in Ulucanlar Prison, welcoming culture, art and new hopes in its corridors.

Ulucanlar Prison converted to museum, culture and art center by Altındağ Municipality. Altındağ Municipality break new ground in Turkey, by did not allow to destruction, bring new mark to Ankara.

Ulucanlar Prison hosting whole visitors with complete life experience and new face, inviting you to journey with Turkey’s close history…

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